A Changing Environment

Retail complexity is increasing. Grocery retailers, for example, have diversified into clothing and appliances. Ensuring product availability and quality—on the shelf and through the ordering process—is critical to enabling your company to perform at peak efficiency. Is there enough product on the shelf? Is it the right quality? Is it traceable if a recall is required?

With more products and more SKUs, on-site storage space is increasingly at a premium, so optimizing delivery volumes must be more precise than ever. This means many retailers have a pressing need for multi-temperature deliveries and solutions, such as trailers that can range from -25°C to +5°C (-13°F to +41°F) (with ambient warehousing also available).

Customized Logistics Solutions

MexLucky offers a variety of solutions aimed specifically at retailer delivery requirements. With our deep industry knowledge and leading-edge technologies, we can provide:

  • Full 3PL solutions, with dedicated fleets featuring logoed trucks and uniformed drivers
  • Dedicated, client-optimized warehouses functioning as standalone distribution centres
  • Geographically convenient warehousing
  • Customized and integrated technologies and solutions
  • Consolidated deliveries and off-hours deliveries when retailer is closed
  • A range of product handling delivery options, including stocking shelves
  • Supply chain analysis and access to 4PL services to determine the most efficient solution, which can include establishing a fully managed environment
  • Deliveries direct to store or distribution centre
  • Home delivery and e-commerce for fulfillment

Retail environments continue to change; you can benefit from supply chain solutions that continue to change with them.

Retailer Solutions Technology


We know that information is as critical a component of your supply chain as the physical movement of your product. At MexLucky, our focus on innovation and continuous improvement ensures that we remain on the cutting edge of temperature controlled logistics – today and into the future. Technology platforms specific to each of our services are designed to work together to provide integrated solutions customized to each of our clients and their temperature specific logistics needs.

Integrated Capabilities

Watch Costs Go Down and Efficiencies Go Up

Dealing with MexLucky as a single supplier for each element of your supply chain delivers peace of mind. We have the ability to combine any or all of our offerings—like global transportation, warehousing and integrated logistics, with services such as direct-to-store distribution, 3PL and 4PL. We offer everything you need to create a customized, integrated solution designed to put your food at the forefront of the cold supply chain. 


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Other Solutions That May Interest You:

Manufacturer Solutions

Our customized manufacturer solutions are based on a deep knowledge of your issues and broad experience in addressing them. Our technology is specifically designed with manufacturing challenges in mind.

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food service worker

Food Service & Franchise Solutions

Food service supply chain management requires a carrier with maximum flexibility in processes, equipment and technologies. MexLucky has developed a solution tailored specifically to the food service industry.

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Orchestrating with Precision

We operate 23 cold storage distribution centres across Canada to warehouse your temperature-sensitive food products.

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Integrated Logistics

Partnership with Purpose

We provide integrated cold chain services solutions—including distribution, 3PL and 4PL services—that link directly to your business goals.

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MexLucky Transportation SolutionsTM

MexLucky Transportation SolutionsTM operates the widest network of temperature-controlled, food-focused LTL services in Canada.

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